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Archive of the webinars

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Alice Boainain-Schneider and Rudolf Schneider (Switzerland)

focusing the Seed Group Four: Educators in the New Age.

"Education in the New Age and the Golden Rule."

Scorpio Solar Festival

Yves Chaumette (France):

"The Second Group of Observers."

Michael Lindfield:

"Choosing the Path of Liberation and Blessing. The work related to the Seed Group of Finance and Economy"

Niklas Nihlén:

"The Celestial Foundation of the Ten Seed Groups."

Phillip Lindsay:

"Integration, Healing and Wholeness"

Heidi Rose Robbins:

"Radiance and Relationship; Courageously Offering, Blending and Extending Our Light."

Kenneth Sørensen

"Seed Group Eight -- Psychologists. Manifesting the New Psychology."

The Planetary System Project 

"A Sevenfold Formula to Assert the Plan of Love and Light Towards 2025."

Gemini Festival online conference:

"Radiating the Living Light of the Soul -- Grounding the Real."

Wesak Planetary Alignment.

Alex Ratcliffe (UK):

"Taking Back Control: Discerning Truth and Finding Clarity in the Complex Information Age."

Presentation of the Year Focus.

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