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June 2018 Solstice Festival

with The Planetary System Project 

A Sevenfold Formula

to Assert the Plan of Love and Light Towards 2025.

Continuing our exploration of the topic presented during the previous solstice webinars, we will overview the current cosmic, solar and planetary directions and cycles that prepare the way toward 2025. Seven years/steps (corresponding to Uranus’ transit in Taurus) will lead us to the crucial date of 2025, and this ‘urgency’ has to be faced according to the new Aquarian energies, that is with Order (7th Ray) and Science (5thRay).

Hence we will build together a “Sevenfold Formula to assert the Plan of Love and Light” (starting from 2018 and for the next seven years), in order to converge and focus our common efforts and visions to support the Exteriorization of the hierarchical Plan, “in united breath and unified rhythm”.

“The seventh ray will foster the group spirit, and the rhythm of the group, the objectives of the group, and the ritual-working of the group will be the basic phenomena.” (EP I, 361)

The Hierarchical Plan is the “substantial energy” or “energetic substance” of the Planetary Purpose/Will.

Humanity has to work out the Plan of Love and Light first from the causal higher mental plane (human Soul), the fiery “plane of unity” with the Hierarchy, where the NGWS (New Group of World Servers) seeks to “compose the causes” of the Future.

The “art of composing the causes” is the Art of creation of Ideas in the World of Fire, and the art of building the evolutionary Formulas and thought-Forms that imitate it. We, in essence the Fourth Human Hierarchy, will progressively learn and go through this higher Art in order to fix the new Aquarian prototypes.

The Fourth Human Hierarchy is a "coordinated cooperation toward a common goal" and is increasingly externalizing in order to assert and restore the Divine Plan on Earth.

The “Sevenfold ideal Formula” will be presented by some 'functionaries' or ‘vertices' of this international prototype for a Planetary System/Order.

The Planetary System (TPS)

aims to invoke and evoke

the idea of a “Planetary Order”  

This project promotes and supports

the "coordinated cooperation between all who care about planetary development",

and plants (according to the rhythms of the Solar System) the "ideas, formulas and forms for a new Culture and Civilization."

Description is available in three languages.

For English:

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