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Preparing the Way

Since the year 2000, humanity has made a big step in its development through global focus on the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals and through the use of new technologies which have allowed people everywhere to learn and to stay connected. These actions have made it possible for humanity to collectively become an active force for global transformation. As we project our thoughts forward to the year 2025, we realize that World Servers everywhere have a shared responsibility to grow in individual and group consciousness and to strive for Soul-aligned action, thereby collectively preparing the future to make the 21st century the time when the Spring of Humanity will blossom.

The “2025 Initiative: Preparing the Way” coordination group bases its vision of the current world situation on the Ageless Wisdom Teachings as described primarily in the writings of Alice Bailey. A key concept is the understanding that the world is now moving through a crisis of a major transformation leading to a future time in which old patterns of man's inhumanity to man and to other kingdoms of life on our planet will be replaced by a better and more just and loving system of global inter-relationship and partnership.

The success of this transition lies in the hands of a rapidly increasing group of awakened individuals living and functioning in all races, countries, cultures, religions, traditions and classes. These individuals are awakened in their hearts and minds to a sense of responsibility for humanity’s fate and to the reality of the interdependence and inter-relations of all people and kingdoms of nature. We see these people as World Servers who subjectively (inwardly) are linked by a shared inspiration and vision.

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World Servers are awakened to the Spiritual reality of their own Soul and therefore to the Kingdom of Souls -- the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet -- a “place” or “state of consciousness” where all great Souls who have ever lived still actively function and serve the evolution of Humanity and the planet as a whole. Today as never before the Spiritual Hierarchy is taking an increasingly active stand in all planetary affairs, leading humanity through the current crisis. This is happening through a higher awareness of spiritual principles in all fields of human endeavor, through the active participation of highly skilled and spiritually advanced individuals everywhere -- the first stage of the Externalization of the Hierarchy.

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World Servers work, whether consciously or unconsciously, as the intermediary link between the Spiritual Hierarchy and humanity. Their work precedes and prepares the Spring of Humanity -- the emergence of a New Civilization of Justice, Peace, Prosperity, Harmony, Knowledge and Freedom, predicted and expected by all major religions with the Appearance (or Reappearance) of the World Saviour, known by different names: Christ, Imam Al-Mahdi, Maitreya, Messiah.

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