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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the significance of the year 2025?


"The present cycle (1945-2025) (…) is called technically "The Stage of the Forerunner". It is preparatory in nature, testing in its methods, and intended to be revelatory in its techniques and results."
Alice Bailey, The Externalization of the Hierarchy, p.530.
“A Great General Assembly of the Hierarchy” is held in the 25th year of every new century. The Members of the Hierarchy meet at that time to make decisions that determine Their plans for the remainder of the century, based upon what has or has not transpired by that time. The next Assembly, in 2025, will be of monumental importance. It will launch the events of the millennium in which the Aquarian civilization is due to emerge into manifestation."
"Disciples and the Year 2025" by Nancy Seifer, Esoteric Quarterly, Fall 2006.



Who are the World Servers?


Every man and woman in every country who is working to heal the breaches between people, to evoke the sense of brotherhood, to foster the sense of mutual interrelation and interdependence, and who sees no racial, national or religious barriers, is a part of the New Group of World Servers, even if he has never heard of it by name. They are found in every country in the world and in many organizations--religious, political, scientific and racial. These workers emphasize the points of contact and not the points of difference. They call attention to the good and true and enunciate the principles of brotherly understanding, mutual goodwill and the fatherhood of God, upon which all true brotherhood must be based. They represent an attitude of mind.

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2025 Initiative's Work Principles
  • The Initiative works to create a shared virtual and subjective meditative and peer learning space.
  • We work within the framework of the Ageless Wisdom teachings -- while being inclusive of all traditions that focus on the evolution of humanity for the Common Good of the One Life.
  • We learn by doing: the Initiative is an experimental laboratory for intergroup communication and cooperation.  We are open to change.
  • We seek to work through shared group leadership, working as a circle of equals, in which everyone’s voice is heard and valued.
  • We recognize our responsibility to modify, qualify and adapt the Divine Plan in order to meet the current needs of our environment.
  • We seek to use the opportunities presented by astrological cycles to revisit the Initiative’s purpose and format.


Are the 2025 Initiative and the 2012 Initiative somehow connected? How to access the 2012 Initiative's archive?
The 2012 Initiative preceded the “2025 Initiative: Preparing the Way” in 2012-2013 with the purpose to synchronize meditative effort in preparation for the World Servers Festival Week in December 21-28 2012. The vision that inspired the work was to strengthen and deepen the bond, and ultimately the work, between all true servers everywhere. It was based on understanding the fact that through inspired cooperation with Hierarchy, World Servers everywhere can raise their frequency and sound a call that could unite all those who sense the immediacy of the times. The 2012 Initiative consisted of three phases: preparation May-December 2012, Festival Week Conference, Distribution during January-June 2013. The archive of all recordings is available here.


What kind of cycles should we be aware of before 2025?

In the coming years before 2025 we seek to explore and follow opportunities provided by the following cycles:

  • 2014: beginning of the 3 (2014-17), 9 (2014-23) and 27 (2014-41) years cycles coinciding in the phase of Crisis and Consolidation;

  • 2019: the World Servers Festival Week starting the new 7 years cycle (2019-2026);

  • 2023: the 9 years (2023-32) cycle;

  • 2025: the new 100 years (2025-2125) cycle begins.

The years of 2014, 2019, 2023 and 2025 would require our special focus as years of special opportunities for intergroup cooperation in joint service to humanity.


What is the role of the 2025 Initiative's Coordination Group?
The Coordination Group is a focalising agent serving to meditate and magnetize the 2025 Initiative’s purpose, support the functionality of the shared space of the 2025 Initiative. The group seeks to explore and practice the Aquarian methods of group work. Currently there are 10 people representing 8 countries and 5 continents.



How can I contribute?


There are many ways you can contribute to advance the purpose of the 2025 Initiative.
  • Serve the purpose of humanity’s advancement in any way relevant for your environment, skills and life conditions; be practical.
  • Study and meditate – study anything that can expand your skills to serve humanity; learn through action; any action performed with conscious orientation towards own soul is the best meditation.
  • Please share your ideas how the 2025 Initiative's coordination group could enhance its service to advance the purpose and how the Initiative could more adequately meet the needs of the World Servers Group.
  • Please share your ideas about potential speakers and themes for our webinars.
  • The Initiative completely relies on volunteer contributions. Please get in touch with us if you wish to make a financial donation or contribute any of your skills that could advance the purpose of the 2025 Initiative.


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