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Active programs

Daily Meditative Vigil

In this extraordinary time we call you to join a synchronized daily meditative Vigil with focused intention for collective expansion of consciousness as an outcome of the current global crisis and to empower the vision of the necessary world transformation ushering in the New Era. Please join us subjectively or online daily at 4-4:20pm Eastern. Subscribe to the mailing list >>>

Weakly Middle East Vigil

To create a space that can hold the divide in the Middle East, calling on higher support for this painful reality to lift towards resolution.

UN & SDG's meditation

This group meditative effort is to direct the energies of the One Life in support of the United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals making them an instrument of the Divine Plan and forging a communion of order for the Aquarian civilization.

Solar Festival Gathering in the Group Garden

We meet every month in the lead to the days leading to the full moon in the Budhic Space of the subjective Group Garden for a Vision Quest.  I is a collaborative experiment invoking the Vision of the unfolding plan for Humanity. Each of us perceives a part of the wider vision and thereby contributes to the seeding of the Divine Plan.

Meditation for the Common Good

Our purpose is to magnetize the ideas of Common Good, Freedom and Brotherhood as the highest values of humanity at this time. We recognize and cherish diversity of perspectives in our group, creating a space capable of invoking, receiving, interpreting and radiating a higher synthetic vision.  We serve as an Ashramic outpost building a group bridge of Buddhic energy. We evoke the soul of humanity – we envision humanity as being the seed that is flowering. We prepare the way for the reappearance of the Coming One.
This is an experiment in self-organizing group work, where everyone has an opportunity to contribute into the group process. 

Creative Lab "Awakening the Souls of Our Nations"

This initiative seeks to advance spiritual work in small groups for the awakening of the souls of our nations. The aim is to learn together to become effective group units which can act as what Roberto Assagioli calls ‘Groups of Best Citizens’ - groups which work in harmony and with intent in order to exert an integrating and uplifting effect on their nation, and to stimulate into activity the true consciousness or soul of the nation. Read more here.

Creative Lab “Celebrations of Light - Experiencing Egyptian Mysteries”

Journeying in Egypt is like travelling within a country-size Temple, and we invite you to join a subjective tour. The vibrant and welcoming energies enliven each visitor who allows themselves to be carried by the flow of synchronicity. By entering into contact with her ancient mysteries, glimpses of intuition become a continuous strand of sparks of insight and the world reveals itself in its beautiful sacredness. 

Short of all of us going together for a physical trip in Egypt, the “Celebrations of Light” workshop will spread the wings of our imagination - through the feasts and festivals held at different times of the year, we will walk the Temples, encounter the Egyptian Deities and… see what our intuitions are trying to convey to us at this moment. 

In other words, other than contacting the Egyptian Mysteries through imaginative celebrations, the workshop does not have a fixed objective nor point of arrival. The real director is one’s Soul, and the messages received will depend on its decision only.

Festival Week of World Servers Subjective Retreat

Every seven years, during the World Servers Festival Week on December 21-28, we invite you and your group to join a Subjective Retreat to meditate with the unified World Servers Group and align with the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy. So far the 2025 Initiative organized such retreats in 2012 (full archive is here) and 2019 (full archive is here). The next Festival Week of World Servers -- also known as the Festival Week of Group Impact will be observed in 2026. Read more about the nature of this unique opportunity here.

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