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Active programs

Daily Meditative Vigil

In this extraordinary time we call you to join a synchronized daily meditative Vigil with focused intention for collective expansion of consciousness as an outcome of the current global crisis and to empower the vision of the necessary world transformation ushering in the New Era. Please join us subjectively or online daily at 9-9:20pm GMT. Register to join >>>

Solar Festival meditation

This year through a focused meditation during the Solar Festivals Cycle (full moon) the 2025 Initiative focuses on practical aspects of Soul living linking Heaven and Earth in sacred marriage expressed through our conscious living on the individual, group and planetary levels. See the thematic framework for the twelve festivals here. This year's theme is Planting a Garden -- please read and listen more here.

New Moon meditation

New moon is a period for grounding and focusing on manifestation of the energies invoked during the preceding full moon. This is the time when we focus together on the common good for humanity and the planet. Through our meditative work we are focusing on the vision of the Plan, magnetizing thoughtforms of solutions and supporting practical actions that lead to advancement of humanity. This is also the opportunity to strengthen and mobilize the potency of the World Servers Group.

Since June 2016 together we held a monthly focus on one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  July 2020 new moon webinar completed the third 17 month cycle focusing on each of the UN SDGs. See the archive of the UN SDG Meditation webinars here.

Solstice - Equinox Festivals

It is time we come together to expand the Fire of our Group Heart to link the Heavens and the Earth:

  • Extending vertically in recognition of the rhythmic dance of our beautiful planet with Her cosmic Brothers and Sisters around the Sun.

  • Expanding horizontally to embrace humanity and all living beings in recognition and experience of Unity.

Souls of Our Nations Creative Lab

This initiative seeks to advance spiritual work in small groups for the awakening of the souls of our nations. The aim is to learn together to become effective group units which can act as what Roberto Assagioli calls ‘Groups of Best Citizens’ - groups which work in harmony and with intent in order to exert an integrating and uplifting effect on their nation, and to stimulate into activity the true consciousness or soul of the nation. Read more here.

Word Pottery Creative Lab

Word Pottery is an Ageless Wisdom Translation Workshop, with the purpose of making ancient wisdom accessible in modern language.

It is a place where we invoke our group inspiration and creativity to play with the clay of words in order to sculpt new vessels for carrying timeless wisdom to thirsty souls.

Story Telling Creative Lab

This is a series of exchanges in which story-telling is the current—and currency—of hope, discovery and connection. What is our ‘best hope’ when it comes to speaking clearly and truthfully about the things we are moved or unsettled by? What new songs might come into being through a shared process of dialogue and listening?

Annual Jerusalem Alignment

Jerusalem, the symbolic City of Peace in the middle of it, functions as an acupuncture point for the whole area.  We can play a role in humanity’s struggle from separation consciousness to unity consciousness by cultivating the new vibration of unity in this strategic spot. This meditation is annually focalized by the Hechal Group from Jerusalem in the last days of December.

Festival Week of World Servers Subjective Retreat

Every seven years, during the World Servers Festival Week on December 21-28, we invite you and your group to join a Subjective Retreat to meditate with the unified World Servers Group and align with the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy. So far the 2025 Initiative organized such retreats in 2012 (full archive is here) and 2019 (full archive is here). The next Festival Week of World Servers -- also known as the Festival Week of Group Impact will be observed in 2026. Read more about the nature of this unique opportunity here.

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