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Awakening the Soul of our Nations

A Creative Lab for ‘Best Citizens’

This initiative seeks to advance spiritual work in small groups for the awakening of the souls of our nations. 


The aim is to learn together to become effective group units which can act as what Roberto Assagioli calls ‘Groups of Best Citizens’ - groups which work in harmony and with intent in order to exert an integrating and uplifting effect on their nation, and to stimulate into activity the true consciousness or soul of the nation.


Among the tasks of a Group of Best Citizens is the following:

  • to develop an inclusive awareness of what is going on in their nation.

  • to become a lens through which the national soul can express itself and shine light on national issues and next steps. 

  • to formulate a vision which can inspire and guide the national consciousness. 

This work is necessarily experimental and of a subtle nature. The main tool is group meditation. Through sustained and penetrating inquiry, in a continuum of inner listening and sharing of impressions in a safe and sacred group space, a higher order can be intuited and ‘brought through’ into ‘form-ulation’.

We  hold a monthly online ‘Creative Lab’, in which we place our own personal, subjective experience at the centre. Based on Roberto Assagioli’s Psychosynthesis of a Nation, a nation is seen as a living entity, with a personality and a soul, just like an individual human being. 

We develop ‘best citizen skills’ of practical use for small national group units. Each meeting focuses on a relevant theme. We practice together mainly through meditation and fine-tuned sharing. 


We are developing a platform on which all of us can share materials and information about our national groups.



We are a group of ‘Jews and Germans’, consisting of coworkers from the Hechal Group from Jerusalem and the Klangschale Group from Germany. We work for many years with various tools for spiritual group service, most centrally the practice of spiritual friendship and the model based on the seven rays in group formation, called Star work. 

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