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Recordings of webinars during the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers

December 20, 2019

This gathering opens the Festival Week online program of the 2025 Initiative linking with the Eastern Hemisphere sunrise of the first day of the Festival Week of the Group Impact. 

Niklas Nihlen invites us to join his Celestial Ship to penetrate together the depth of the Universe. Coming together under the Festival Week energies we will amplify our Group mind capacity to dare to comprehend the significance of the augmentation of Capricorn energies, during the "festival week’ -- a.k.a. the "week of group impact". We will seek to align as a group with forces from “a still greater constellation which is—to our zodiac—what the zodiac is to the earth".

December 21, 2019

Solstice Festival Celebration: “Construction of Ideals towards Brotherhood" with the Planetary System Group.

In the initial overview of the heavenly directions and cycles that prepare the way toward 2025, we focus on this extraordinary solstice (Dec 22 h. 4. 21 GMT) which occur during the “festival week” of the New Group of World Servers (from 21 to 28 December 2019), the seven-year occurrence of group impact when our Common Work and potency of Service can be enhanced by cosmic influences.
On this Gate of the Gods which starts an initiatory year marked by the epochal conjunction between the Solar Love and Light, Jupiter and Saturn, in Aquarius, some 'functionaries' of an international “Prototype for a Planetary Order” will launch some ideal Formulas to saturate Space with the Idea of Brotherhood.
Only the One Planetary Server can assert the Plan of Love and Light on Earth.

December 22, 2019

Second Day webinar of the Festival Week of the Group Impact with


Sunday Meditators for United Nations SDGs for a meditation on Redirecting the Flow of Money into the hands of the New Group of World Servers.

This webinar is a group meditation for all participants based on Djwhal Khul’s Sunday meditation - “Attracting Money for Hierarchical Purposes”.  In this meditation, we fuse and integrate the Great Invocations, visualizing money as a great stream of flowing golden substance, meeting today’s Planetary need through the work of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

December 23, 2019

Third Day webinar of the Festival Week of the Group Impact together with representatives of six groups from Russia, United Kingdom & United States:

Ashram School of Four Rays (Russia), International Scientific School of Universology (Russia), School for Esoteric Studies (US), The Sundial House Group (UK), Wisdom Group (US), World Good Will (UK)

for conversation and meditation on

How can we overcome national and group differences to work together for the Manifestation of the New Civilization.

The purpose of the project to foster principle of unity between the groups and the triangle of nations focusing on the Vision of the emerging Aquarian Civilization. Since Libra Solar Festival through a series of six webinars six groups from UK, US and Russia shared their vision and work each group is doing to usher the dawn of the new world we all want.

In the final seventh and culminating webinar in this series, on December 23rd we invite one representative from each group to share and reflect together on the following question: 

How do we get from our current state of planetary division and mistrust overcoming our national differences in order to work together on manifestation of the shared vision of the New Civilization?

Through this sharing we invite the six groups to weave their impressions into a shared vision of what could be done to assist in manifestation of the new civilization in accordance with the Plan. 

December 24, 2019

Forth Day webinar of the Festival Week of the Group Impact

"Where two or more are gathered...

Preparing the New Christmas"

At this double festive time - the Festival Week of NGWS and Christmas eve - we celebrate the new light and love that is already manifest on our planet. Christ has told us that wherever groups gather in his name, there is he manifest. On the threshold of the Aquarian age, this takes new forms. Spiritual groups build their own sacred places, physical centres which anchor the light locally. And, additionally, more and more spiritual people meet online for their gatherings and meditations.  

We build new temples, out of finer fabric, out of light and love. Where two or three are gathered in the Aquarian spirit… there will be a new temple, woven of the new vibration. 

And where two or three groups are gathered together, the Network of Light around our planet gains substance. 

To celebrate and substantiate the Network of Light which is already manifest, three groups gathered physically, link online leading a joint ceremony and meditation: the Lifebridge Circle in Upstate New York, the Morya Federation and Northern Light Circle above the arctic in Finland and the Hechal Group Circle in Jerusalem. There will be more group circles joining the ceremony.

December 25, 2019

Fifth Day webinar of the Festival Week of the Group Impact with the

International Scientific School of Universology:

"Building Together a Protective Circle for the Planet"

The entire Universe lives and develops from a single Source of Life. Eternal knowledge on Earth - knowledge of the Path to the Light, is born from the unity and agreement of the Purpose of each person and Nature as a whole.

The true meaning of human existence is the desire to create a Protective Circle as the restoration of the primary code of life for the planetary community as a Circle of Divine Wisdom and Love.

During our meditation, we bring the impulse of a new program from the Hierarchy, from its Protective Circle to the world, and only through the union of hearts it is possible to translate this program into the world around us, so the Protective Circle is born as a new quality of the Divine manifestation in the world.

Through the creation of the Protective Circle it is possible to overcome the destructive scenario of human life. The planetary Protective Circle can lead to the peaceful coexistence of peoples and countries, forming the conditions for cooperation and unity.

We invite you to join the Protective Circle of the Stars Brotherhood of the Planet
to protect peace and harmony on Earth!

International Scientific School of Universology was created in 1994 to embody the urgent need of creation a new causal system model of the world and transformations of the old way of life.

ISSU is a voluntary international public association of people leading educational and research - implementation work. It integrates more than 150 creative teams and organisations in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, USA, Italy, Israel, Slovenia, Finland carrying out scientific research educational and production activities based on the universal model of the system of public self-government and collective strategy.

December 27, 2019

Seventh Day of the Festival Week of the Group Impact webinar with the Hechal Group from Jerusalem 
"Cultivating the Garden of the Middle East"

The Middle East is often seen as the solar plexus center of the planet. It is the cradle of our civilisation and spirituality, and a dynamic arena for the potent forces at play, which will raise humanity’s consciousness into the heart.

Jerusalem, the symbolic City of Peace in the middle of it, functions as an acupuncture point for the whole area.  We can play a role in humanity’s struggle from separation consciousness to unity consciousness by cultivating the new vibration of unity in this strategic spot. 

In the webinar Hechal’s group members will share key elements of their ongoing work and invite participants to join in energising the Garden through meditation. 

The Hechal group is an outpost of the Will to Love in Jerusalem, working for over 20 years for the shift from separation consciousness to unity consciousness.

December 28, 2019

Eight Day of the Festival Week of the Group Impact webinar.

Global Silent Circle to stand together as a unified Planetary Group Server projecting a unified intention for work to be done in the next 7 years.

On the last day of the Festival Week we wish to harvest the fruits of our labors and suggest that all groups meet in their own circles to share and focus impressions precipitated during the Festival Week. 


We then gather for one final Silent Circle Meditation, to offer our impressions meditatively into the collective Chalice of the World Servers Group. 


Together we stand as the Planetary Server, in communion with the Spiritual Hierarchy, and project forward the seeds for the next Seven years, setting a joint intention to work for the manifestation of the Divine Plan. 

There is also the possibility to share any impressions during the Festival Week in writing via
the Festival Week Impressions Board here.
The submitted impressions will be summarized and shared during and after the Festival Week.

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