Cancer Solar Festival webinar

with Kenneth Sørensen (Denmark):

"Seed Group Eight -- Psychologists.

Manifesting the New Psychology".

The Full Moon in Cancer (Rays Three and Seven) offers us many opportunities to manifest and birth the new psychology. This is the primary objective for the Eighth Seed group. The dissemination of Seventh Ray principles and Esoteric Astrology will be prominent goals, however in order to reach and influence mainstream psychology, it is important to create a thought-form that can be assimilated and integrated with relative ease into the present culture. 

In the final section of Esoteric Psychology II, DK speaks to disciples of building the structure of thought that will embody the new teaching. He informs us about important duties we must take on, in particular this one: 

 “You can—if you so desire—help construct the thought form of the New Age teaching. You do this, above all, by your thought; by your practical application of any truth, which you may have understood, to your personal life at any cost; by your sacrifice and your service to your fellow men and by the constant dissemination of any knowledge which you may possess.” EP2, p. 712-713

During this webinar we will explore the new psychology and consider the changes and implications of manifesting these new thought-forms. 

Kenneth Sørensen, MA Psychosynthesis, has published more than 20 books on psychology and esotericism. He is the author of six books including The Soul of Psychosynthesis (2016), Integral Meditation (2017) and Energy Psychology (2018).

Kenneth, together with his long-time friend and colleague Søren Hauge, has developed Energy Psychology, a new presentation of Roberto Assagioli’s Seven Psychological Types and Alice Bailey’s Seven Rays. He is the CEO of which offers identity profiles based on the seven types (soon to be translated). His website presents his work and offers many articles on the above subjects.