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Aries 2018 Solar Festival webinar

focusing on the Seed Group of Political Organizers

with Alexandra Ratcliffe (UK)

"Taking Back Control:

Discerning Truth and Finding Clarity

in the Complex Information Age."


(This talk is an updated and extended version

of a similar topic delivered before

the World Goodwill Seminar in Geneva, November 2017.)

Today we live in a unique time in modern history, as we experience the flux, confusion and complexity that accompanies the old age passing out and a new age beginning to dawn;  a time when means of communication and ways of sharing information have increased exponentially; a time when truths and untruths are confused, and illusions are  heightened; a time when humanity faces enormous challenges and crucial decisions. It is a time when things feel to be spinning out of control. Who is in control and what control do we as individuals have, if any? What choices do we have and how do we make those choices? How do we find clarity amidst excess information, and discern what is true? And, what do we most need to know and do? These are significant questions we hope to address in this Aries talk at the start of a new astrological cycle as we prepare at Easter for this higher interlude of the spiritual year.

Alexandra Ratcliffe was born and educated in New York and has lived and worked in the US, Australia and London, UK, where she now resides with her family. She has a degree in Secondary Education/English and is a qualified and experienced teacher of the deaf. In a long career in education, Alex taught a range of subjects, including English, History, Maths, Geography, Civics Education, and Politics and Government during which time she devised innovative values-based programmes, linking Geography with Citizenship. She is a lifelong student of the Wisdom teachings through numerous traditions including Vedanta, Buddhism, Sufiism and the teachings of the Tibetan. Alex’s interests are in supporting and working with groups that are enhancing harmonious international relations and connecting beyond borders. She is presently a tutor and freelance writer. Her articles appear in:

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