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Scorpio Solar Festival webinar

with Yves Chaumette (France):

"The Second Group of Servers: Observers."

The path toward freedom and mastery is narrow, surrounded with traps. Indeed we have to change our whole point of view. The full moon of Scorpio is a good moment to observe these traps as we imitate the work of Hercules: “we rise by kneeling”.

As all neophytes we have to purify our consciousness and dispel illusion. Delusion comes mainly from glamour, an affective mechanism inflating the ego. Dissipating of planetary glamour is the work of the second group of servers, requiring from each member an illumined mind and much care. The outline presented in Alice Bailey’s book is composed of 9 acts and distributes with accuracy light, speech and will. The task is strenuous, lengthy and effective.

1 Observers symbol.jpg

Yves Chaumette is the author of the book PEACE MEANS ACTION and of the booklet AN INVITATION TO OBSERVE. Following the teachings of Alice Bailey and of AGNI YOGA, the association “WILL-TO-GOOD” has been working for 28 years, before changing its name in “WILL SPIRIT” association. You can have insights of our work on the website

Starting in 1984 7 people contributed during 7 years to dissipate a glamour. Since then the work has been pursued and deepened.

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