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December 2018 Solstice Festival

with The Planetary System Project 

From Capricorn to Capricorn.

From Capricorn to Capricorn. Asserting the New Culture and Civilization.

With this webinar we start the yearly countdown 

to the World Servers Festival Week – 'Week of Group Impact' in December 2019.

“...advantage must be taken of this period, and special preparation made. 

This fact invites the attention of all of us.” 

A.Bailey, Esoteric Psychology, v.II, p.196.

Together we will explore the heavenly directions and cycles that prepare the way toward 2025, we will focus on 2019 during which time the Heart/Soul of Humanity can rely on Jupiter (the 2nd Ray esoteric ruler of Aquarius) in Sagittarius: the Master of spatial Love, in His Sign of Wisdom. Discipleship and distant goals/worlds can nourish in us the vision of the new Culture and Civilization which will manifest the hierarchical Plan.

We will re-iterate the “System of 49 Formulas” (a Pythagorean Lambdoma) concerning the possible Seven Ray sectors of human activity of the new Culture and Civilization. This is an integrated Thought-form to be nourished and sown by the New Group of World Server's creative imagination and visualization. This Lambdoma of 7x7 "distant spiritual goals" for the future of the human race.

We, in essence the Fourth Human Hierarchy, progressively learn and go through a higher Art of “composing the causes of the Future” defining the new Aquarian prototypes.

The Planetary System (TPS)

aims to invoke and evoke

the idea of a “Planetary Order”  

This project promotes and supports

the "coordinated cooperation between all who care about planetary development",

and plants (according to the rhythms of the Solar System) the "ideas, formulas and forms for a new Culture and Civilization."

Description is available in three languages.

For English:

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