Wesak Planetary Alignment Ritual webinar

Wesak is the spiritual high point of the year, a crescendo moment in our planet’s annual cycle. This significant festival takes place at the exact time of the Taurus Solar Festival. During the Seven Days’ period, Shambhala, Hierarchy and Humanity come into potent and unified alignment.

We invite you to join the virtual group circle on the first day of this sacred week as we come together to meditate in the spirit of unity rededicating ourselves to the task of service to Humanity. Via our process of group sharing and meditation we will form a five-pointed star linking five continents through stories of living discipleship. Together we will prepare a collective chalice to receive the Wesak Blessing.

Representatives of five continents will share their impressions bringing the notes of their respective continents into alignment with the planetary symphony.

Americas <<  Emmanuel Sackeyfio  >> Africa

Africa <<  Amir Kiyaei  >> Asia

Asia <<  Uta Gabbay  >> Europe

Europe <<  Phillip Lindsay  >> Australia

Australia  << Dot Maver  >> Americas

In preparation for this webinar, please join us and our panelists in reflecting on the following question:

"How can we as World Servers assist each other with 'Grounding the Real' in increasingly practical and effective ways, so that together we make the shift to a more proactive and living expression of Love and Goodwill in the world?"