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2018-19 Year Focus:

Radiating the Living Light of the Soul -- Grounding the Real.

Humanity undergoes the Initiation process recognizing the Light of the Soul. Everywhere we look, we see patterns of upheaval as Light exposes hitherto hidden shadow areas for the purpose of healing on individual, group and collective levels. As individuals and as a collective, the most effective and enduring instrument we have for the transmutation of our accumulated debts is Love. In order to face the depth of the collective shadow-lands we need to express the Fire of the Will to Love.


The incoming Aquarian age invites World Servers to ground “The Real” into physical manifestation through a process of shifting steadily from an ethos of mentally-focused idealism to a living expression characterized by proactivity and practicality in alignment with the Cosmic Order.

In the current cycle, the 2025 Initiative is committed to bringing the focus of world servers to the following processes:

1. Assisting with the Externalization of the Hierarchy

Intentionally aligning together in the Group Heart we form a radiant and receptive chalice bridging together the human and spiritual kingdoms. The Group of World Servers is the Planetary Ajna Center: we are called to hold the Vision for the future of Humanity. Individually and as a group we are learning to align our personal service to the Divine Plan.

2. Telepathic integration of the World Servers group

We are all energy beings functioning and communicating with each other and with the Universe via etheric connectivity. The World Servers are called to learn the Science of Impression/ Expression for the expansion of group consciousness and for a deepening understanding of the Inner Realities. The 2025 Initiative aims to support the emergence of a horizontal communication infrastructure within the World Servers group and the development of a vertical alignment and attunement with the Divine Plan for our planet.

3. Manifestation of the Plan

We, as Humanity, are the enablers of the Plan – our task is to manifest in our personal lives and in our immediate own environment the changes we wish to see in the world. Our life energy is our most vital and powerful currency – we must endeavor to invest it with discernment and insight. The new economy is emerging as a result of the choices we make individually and as a group.

We recognize the need for disciples to engage in a process of radical and courageous self-inquiry as we face our own Dweller with compassion and honesty, bringing tolerance and love to our own and each others’ imperfections. Disciples are called to become role models; living congruent lives is in itself a service. Our own radiance is the best clearest evidence of a living Christ at work in the world. We – the 2025 Initiative - emphasize the need to learn and practice etheric and embodied living.

We seek to communicate the Ageless Wisdom teachings in light of their practical meaning for individual and collective transformation, emphasizing the value of a “how to” approach.


In the annual cycle of 2018-19 – from Aries to Pisces – the 2025 Initiative will bring the collective focus of World Servers to the following topics:

  • The Ten Seed Groups – emphasizing and meditatively supporting the diversity of service activities in humanity utilizing available energies of the Solar festival cycles (full moons).

  • The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) relating the goals to the energetic opportunities presented by the New Moon cycles.

  • Earth as a Living Planet in the Living Cosmos exploring the opportunities of the four-bit cycle of Solstices and Equinoxes;

  • The emergence of the telepathic infrastructure within the World Servers group through Gemini-Sagittarius axis events – specifically, the Gemini online conference and the Sagittarius Focus Meeting of Presenters.

  • Planetary alignment during the Wesak preparatory period bringing representatives of each continent together in meditative alignment.

  • Preparation for the World Servers’ Festival Week in December 2019 through the annual Capricorn alignment, with Jerusalem focalized by the Hechal group.


The above summary is a synthesis of impressions from the 2025 Initiative’s Libra-Aries virtual retreat. We express our joyful gratitude to all contributors to the Scorpio survey and to former speakers who participated in the Sagittarius planning meeting.


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