The 2025 Initiative provides a shared online space for groups and individuals from around the world to: meditate together in support of the vision of the new civilization, share experiences in living and manifesting spiritual laws and principles in everyday life, learn from each other methods to develop group thinking and consciousness and to bridge groups and concepts.

2020-2021 Cycle Theme: Planting a Garden

Friends, let’s plant a garden together—a global garden of Love and Light -- a welcoming sanctuary for all.

We invite members of our community to choose a tree or shrub to plant either in a garden, or indoors to tend in a pot. Planting with shared intention is a way for each of us to create and foster a space of Love that expresses our global

interconnectedness and links us into the larger planetary Garden of Love.

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Daily Meditative Vigil at 21:00 GMT

The need of humanity calls for continued meditative effort of the occult workers through focused meditation.

And thus, we keep our Vigil.

March 2, 7pm GMT

Creative Lab:

‘Awakening the Soul of our Nations’

Festival Week recordings are posted on our YouTube channel, as well as on our website