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Dear co-workers,

The higher spiritual interlude of this year, 2023, is one of special significance and heightened opportunities. It is a threshold to a new cycle of three, nine and twenty seven years. In Esoteric Psychology, v2, pp241-242 DK indicates the cyclic opportunity that comes every nine years to align with Hierarchy’s meditation on the immediate Plan ahead.  

When we, as the esoteric community, recognize our capacity and responsibility, we can make  the substance of the Plan more accessible to all World Servers on the frontlines of their service. 

Over the coming Gemini Festival (June 1 - 5) we would like to suggest to the wider network of groups an experiment: to align our various activities to be part of a united cooperation with the hierarchical meditation on the immediate Plan. 

We encourage groups to organize small Circles for reflection on an immediate aspect of the unfolding Plan directly related to our own group work in our chosen field of service. 
By aligning with Hierarchy’s rhythm we take an additional step into our planetary role of externalizing Ashrams. As the world group, we as “disciples in all Ashrams have a task of ‘modifying, qualifying and adapting the divine Plan.’

With this focus in mind the 2025 Initiative and the Hechal Group will align our activities during the Gemini Festival. Please join us for:

  • Gathering in the Garden – Safe Space for Difficult Conversations on June 1st,

  • Meditation for the Common Good on June 5th,

  • The Awakening the Soul of Our Nations Creative Lab on June 6th.



The energy of the Wesak Festival will be distributed by the Christ during the Gemini Full Moon and will give the impulse to the entire humanity. We can use this as “fuel” for our service as we enter into the new 3, 9 and 27 year cycles.

In the Light of the One Work,
The 2025 Initiative and the Hechal Group.


This call is part of the “Safe Space for Difficult Conversations” initiative focalised by the 2025 Initiative and Hechal. It is an experiment spanning the three spiritual Festivals, seeking to transform conflict into creative tension and so to move purposefully towards harmony.

The 2025 Initiative provides a shared online space for groups and individuals from around the world to: meditate together in support of the vision of the new civilization share experiences in living and manifesting spiritual laws and principles in everyday life, learn from each other methods to develop group thinking and consciousness and to bridge groups and concepts.

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Daily Meditative Vigil 

The need of humanity calls for continued meditative effort of the occult workers through focused meditation.

And thus, we keep our Vigil.

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Directing the Energies of the One Life Toward the New Economy

United Nations is a  Divine Idea, unity its Purpose, sustainable development goals the Plan, the economy of the One Life its vehicle. Come  meditate and make it so!

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Gemini Solar

June 1

Will to Love Unfolding

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Gemini New


Meditation for the Common Good

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Jerusalem Meditation


Creative Lab

Once per month

Awakening the Souls of our Nations

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Aries Solar

April 6

What is true now and what is the next right step

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Pisces Solar

March 6

What is true now and what is the next right step



Various dates

Jerusalem meditation


Creative Lab

Various dates

Awakening the Souls of our Nations