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The 2025 Initiative provides a shared online space for groups and individuals from around the world to: meditate together in support of the vision of the new civilization, share experiences in living and manifesting spiritual laws and principles in everyday life, learn from each other methods to develop group thinking and consciousness and to bridge groups and concepts.

Upcoming webinars

Daily Meditative Vigil 

The need of humanity calls for continued meditative effort of the occult workers through focused meditation.

And thus, we keep our Vigil.


Meditation for the Common Good

Taurus Cycle

"Revealing the Divine Plan: becoming the Planetary Ajna to build Spirit into Matter"


Supporting the United Nations as an Instrument of the Divine Plan through the Sustainable Development Goals

This Group meditative effort is to direct the energies of the One Life in support of the United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals making them an instrument of the Divine Plan and forging a communion of order for the Aquarian civilization.

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May 10

Groups' Check in

Strengthening the Hands

Libra New Moon.jpg

May 7

Taurus New Moon

Meditation for the Common Good

ME Vigil.png

Every Monday

Middle East Vigil

Weekly Vigil on behalf of the situation in Israel\Palestine


May 28

Creative Lab

Awakening the Souls of our Nations

Past webinars
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Wesak Festival

April 22

Gathering in the Garden

Libra New Moon.jpg

Aries New Moon

April 9

Meditation for the Common Good



Various dates

Jerusalem meditation


Creative Lab

Various dates

Awakening the Souls of our Nations

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