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The 2025 Initiative provides a shared online space for groups and individuals from around the world to: meditate together in support of the vision of the new civilization, share experiences in living and manifesting spiritual laws and principles in everyday life, learn from each other methods to develop group thinking and consciousness and to bridge groups and concepts.

2019-20 Cycle Focus:

Service: Individual - Group - World. 

Together we are participating in a challenging and majestic planetary process - the dynamic unfoldment of the New World Mandala. Each of us is finding our own unique purpose and place of responsibility in relation to manifesting the Vision for the New Civilization.

We live in a time of unprecedented change during which all established institutions, paradigms and norms are being challenged and brought into question. One of the biggest tasks for World Servers is to face the reality of the present perceived chaos and to embrace the responsibility of bringing forward the Vision of the unfolding Plan.

The 2025 Initiative invites you and your group to join a Subjective Festival Week Retreat during the week of December 21st through December 28th – time known as the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers. This Retreat will allow us to be aligned with the spiritual world, while being fully present with all the festive occasions of this time in the physical world. 


on the current world situation:

Building the Thoughtform of Solution to World Problems.


The 2025 Initiative acknowledges the recent acceleration of the global crisis that humanity is experiencing. We realize the need to strengthen the focus of the Ageless Wisdom community worldwide by empowering the thoughtforms of constructive solutions to the world crisis. (...)

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Festival Week recordings are posted on our YouTube channel, as well as on our website

Please share any impressions during the Festival Week in writing via the Festival Week Impressions Board. The submitted impressions will be summarized and shared during and after the Festival Week.