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Recognizing Emerging Light.

We live in the time of emerging light. The spring of humanity is coming. The winter of materialism struggles to maintain its dominance over humanity, deceiving hearts and minds and instilling in us our worst fears . But light is unstoppable, as it comes from within each of us: we know it inside, we recognize it in others and build bridges with it, overcoming boundaries of misunderstanding and fogs of deceit. We connect each of our individual lights to expand the brilliant planetary network of light that will defeat darkness and usher the coming of the Spring.


Still the Spring of Humanity can be delayed by the ineffectiveness of the workers of Light. The period between 1945 and 2025 is called “The Stage of the Forerunner.” This is a window of opportunity when the needed work of preparation has to be done: establishing the right measure of peace, implementing the principle of economic sharing, and cleaning house in religious and political affairs. In the last seven decades many things have been done to advance humanity on its path of evolution, but the world crisis we witness today reveals the dire depths of the problems we face that even risk our existence. Once again we have come to the edge of history. Thus, a collective effort is needed to overcome our cupidity, aggression, greed and glamour, and to invoke the coming of the Spring.


In the new astrological cycle of 2016 - 17, the 2025 Initiative will emphasize the importance of Recognizing Emerging Light, continuing its efforts to support contributions of world servers everywhere in preparing the way for the Spring of Humanity.


You can check out the topics and presenters featured in the 2016-17 year cycle in our calendar. Besides the Solar festival webinars, the 2025 Initiative will continue the rhythm of monthly new moon webinars and the rhythm of key year points of Solstices and Equinoxes.


Throughout the year in all our webinars we will be looking to encourage our presenters and participants to emphasize:

  • Practical signs of the Emerging Light;

  •  The importance of dissipating illusions and dispelling glamour, especially the glamour of fear;

  •  Experiences of combining inner knowledge and outer skills in practical service; and

  • New language and concepts that are adequate to express the ideas of Ageless Wisdom for our time.


The 2025 Initiative strives to become a place where we collectively reflect, share and interpret ideas in order to create thought-forms of solution for the current world crisis, to the common benefit of humanity. Such thought-forms would be brought into collective meditation to be empowered and “released” into the collective mental field of humanity thus aiding the preparation of people’s hearts and minds for the coming Spring.


The Spring is coming! We need to prepare the Way!



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