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2017-18 Year Calendar

"Alignment to the Light"

March 21st

Equinox Celebration: year plan announcement and the Planetary Healing meditation

with Mads Bronsted (Denmark)

April 9th

Aries Solar Festival: Reflection on right human relations

with Alice and Rudolf Schneider (Switzerland)

Wesak / Taurus Solar Festival: "Alignment to the Light"

A Five Continents Alignment Ritual

Wesak Festival: Multi-lingual Collective Invocation

Gemini Solar Festival Conference: Leadership Responsibility of the NGWS

Speakers: Dot Maver (USA), Martin Dieser (Argentina)

Solstice Festival

with Antonella Nobilio (Italy)

July 8th

Cancer Solar Festival: "Building Material Conditions for the Manifestation of the Plan"

with Daniel Hersheson (Switzerland)

August 5th

Leo Solar Festival: "Spiritual Leadership"

with Lorraine Flower (UK)

Virgo Solar Festival: "Translating the Ageless Wisdom to Younger Generations"

with Anastasia Smirnova (Russia).

Equinox Festival Celebration: "Planetary Healing"

October 4th

Libra Solar Festival: “Right Balance"

with Maria Calegari and Bart Cook

Scorpio Solar Festival: "From the Battle I Emerge Triumphant: Joy and Beauty"

with Claire Beynon (New Zealand)

Sagittarius Solar Festival: "Building the Group Antahkarana"

with Michael and Tuija Robbins (Finland/ USA)

Solstice Festival

with Antonella Nobilio (Italy)

Capricorn Alignment With Jerusalem

with the Hechal group

Capricorn Solar Festival: "The Power of Invocation and Evocation"

with Barbara Valacore and Steve Nation (USA)

Aquarius Solar Festival: "Goodwill and Group Alignment"

with the Sydney Goodwill Unit (Australia)

Pisces Solar Festival: "On the State of the World Affaires."


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