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Bringing In the Light.

The UN General Assembly has proclaimed the year 2015 an International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies. Thus we suggest joining this ongoing global effort, focussing our collective meditation on precipitation and distribution of the Spiritual Light into humanity. In the new astrological year (April 2015 - March 2016) the 2025 Initiative’s activities will be focused on the theme: “Bringing In the Light”.


Through focussing on various topics related to the overarching theme “Bringing In the Light”, we invite all webinar participants to join in meditation on solutions to the current world crisis, with the goal of helping humanity in its journey through “the burning grounds” of our collective maturing process. Check the 2015-16 calendar of the webinars here. 


In the quest to increase and support a collective meditative alignment, the 2025 Initiative invites you and your group to join an experiment of monthly cyclic collective meditations, going through the twelve signs of the zodiac, utilizing available energetic opportunities to serve humanity in the work of Preparation. This will represent an expansion of the work that the 2025 Initiative began in 2012 and attempts to explore the possibilities of simultaneous and unanimous meditation -- the need for which was emphasized by Master DK (Alice Bailey, DINA II, pp 236-237). Read more about the suggested cyclic meditation here.


Furthermore, the 2025 Initiative joins the ongoing global effort to emphasize the importance of the Triangles movement and to consciously work toward further expansion of the Triangles Network through formation of new triangles of Lights, as suggested by Master DK. We see this work as essential for the distribution and the dissemination of Light on the planet. Read more about the Triangles work here.


Through the above outlined activities, the 2025 Initiative continues to hold and expand its experimental communication platform for groups and individuals from around the world to serve humanity through rhythmical collective meditation. with this year’s focus on “Bringing In the Light”. Join us!



Please listen the recording of the Equinox Ceremony webinar

with the presentation of the 2015-16 year plan.

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