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The 2025 Initiative’s Statement on the Current World Situation:

Building the Thoughtform of Solution to World Problems.


The 2025 Initiative acknowledges the recent acceleration of the global crisis that humanity is experiencing. We realize the need to strengthen the focus of the Ageless Wisdom community worldwide by empowering the thoughtforms of constructive solutions to the world crisis. It is the responsibility of all disciples and aspirants around the world to maintain and communicate the Vision for humanity, providing it as the beacon of hope within the fogs of maya, glamour and illusion surrounding the world.


In our perception, the nature of the current crisis from the esoteric perspective can be described as follows:

  • Humanity as a whole is undergoing the process of the First Initiation, which in a general way could be described as the shift of focus from the principles of egoistic selfishness (solar plexus consciousness) to the principle of the common good (heart consciousness).   

  • The passage through the “Gate of Initiation” is proceeded with a “walk through the burning ground” -- a struggle on all the planes for individuals, communities, nations and humanity as a whole. In this process, we as humanity are faced with age-old accumulated problems and are expected to take responsibility for the needed transformation. Whatever we are experiencing now is not “the end of the world” -- it is a process of purification and maturing.

  • We are witnessing the unfolding and anchoring of the Shamballic Impact of 2000 which brought the extremely powerful energy of Will directly into humanity. Many people witness now “electricity” in the air -- it provokes harsh actions, yet gives strength to those who become focal points for the distribution of this energy.


We realize that the lack of the Vision of solution and for the future is a serious problem around the world -- leaders and governments everywhere struggle to overcome “the business as usual” mode of functioning on all the levels, often blindly leading their people without being able to direct their efforts toward the building of creative forms aligned with the new civilization.


Referring to the wisdom of the spiritual guides of humanity, we can clearly state that the solution for the current crisis is defined by three major factors: establishing the right measure of peace, implementing the principle of sharing in economic affairs, cleaning the house in religious and political affairs.


Ongoing persistence and endurance in daily efforts are essential qualities all disciples must develop -- these will bring us desired results and will help humanity to overcome the current crisis.

We, as students of the Ageless Wisdom can recognize the seeds of the New Civilization sprouting up in all fields of human endeavour – a future civilization based on right human relationships and the principle of the Common Good. It is our responsibility to empower this vision and whenever possible to emphasize and support the emerging forms that manifest this Vision. The Vision of the New Civilization should be communicated with strength and clarity by students of the Ageless Wisdom. The thoughtform of solutions to the current world crisis should be continually held in the Light of the meditation of all trained occultists.


Coordination Group of the 2025 Initiative.

August 2014.

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