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Virgo Solar Festival webinar

"Expressing an essence of the Ageless Wisdom to younger generations.""

with Anastasia Smirnova (Russia)

During the Virgo solar festival webinar we use the opportunity of Virgo energy to reflect on how we translate the esoteric language of the Ageless Wisdom teachings into the language of meanings and symbols which is closer to practicality of life in 2017.

Through this webinar we shared different practical methods of contributing into the process of “modification, qualification and adaptation of the divine plan” which is a responsibility of each disciple.

Anastasia Smirnova is a professional psychologist and a family therapist. She was a co-founder and the president of the “New Parents Project”. Anastasia conducts educational and meditative programs for teenagers and young people.

As a practicing psychologist Anastasiya Smirnova, is teaching her clients how to use some of esoteric practices presented in Alice Bailey writings. Through her practice, Anastasiya has developed multiple ways of how to communicate the essence of esoteric truth making it practical and clear for people with different backgrounds.

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