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Virgo 2015 Solar festival webinar

with Laurence Newey (UK)

"Let Light Descend on Earth: Future Light."


Over the past 100 years, civilisation has changed radically through the application of light. In homes and in industry, in science, technology and medicine, light is being focused, transmuted and radiated and it shows no sign of abating. Who would have thought just fifty years ago, that we would now be living in a world where communication is so fast and easy and we would have the Internet where the press of a few keys gives access to the vast pool of human knowledge – the world mind. So what might the next fifty to a hundred years bring, and beyond that? Where might light based technologies lead us next and how will it cause the physical plane and the etheric levels to resonate together in a manner that will open up the inner dimensions of life?

Laurence Newey is a Director of the Lucis Trust where he has been working for nearly thirty years. He is interested in furthering an understanding of the science of brotherhood and the relationship between consciousness and electric phenomena as promoted on the The Electric Bridge section of the Lucis Trust site .

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