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UN / SDGs meditation

Supporting the United Nations

as an Instrument of the Divine Plan through the Sustainable Development Goals


Our group purpose, in alignment with the purpose of Shamballa and Hierarchy, is to refine and reform the United Nations based on the principles of cooperation, freedom, and order; respecting all life.

We AFFIRM this foundation as fundamental to all international discourse and to underlie the sustainable development goals.

We recognize the United Nations as a living entity infused by soul light, whose goal is to be restored as the Temple of Humanity and an instrument of PEACE in accordance with the Divine Plan. 

We further work to transmute blockages and resistance to right sharing and right human relationships, through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and their higher correspondance. 


If you would like to participate in this meditative service work, you are invited to join us on Sundays at 12pm Eastern Time/ 4pm GMT.                                                                                      


Please click the link to register>>

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