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Equinox Festival 2021

and the Celebration of the beginning of the New Astrological Year 

“Temple Garden" 

We are called to gather in the Soul Garden to co-create a new Temple with neither walls nor ceiling, a Temple opened to the Skies -- our Etheric Agora, the circle in which we meet to invoke the Vision for Humanity. Through group meditation and a shared process of experimentation we will learn together and seek to express the acquired wisdom to guide us in our service to humanity  in this hour of high need.  


Our focus this year will be on What is True Now and What is the Next Right Step for humanity. These are the questions we will hold in our Group Center striving to rise  above the plane of rational mind to the wisdom based on higher universal laws and principles. 


And yet we live in the world embodying the vision and being the yeast that helps humanity in the deepest transformation of consciousness. It is only through our individual transformation and practical action that we can bring the needed change to the world. We are externalizers and manifesters of the new world of harmony and right relations. We stand for the revolution in human consciousness to enable the evolutionary changes in the human family of nations. 

In our Temple Garden we will focus on the following areas: 

  • Establishment of right relations on all levels from individual to international -- thus bringing true Peace;

  • Creation of new economic systems and institutions based on the principle of sharing and distribution of resources;

  • Awakening responsibility to serve the Common Good of All through leadership of ideas and action -- thus cleaning the House of Religion and Politics.


We recognize that regardless of practices, traditions and guiding philosophies there are millions of groups and individuals around the world who inwardly hear and resonate with the same clarion call to serve the common good for All assisting humanity in the tremendous civilizational shift. Our spiritual tradition recognizes their inner unity, calling them the World Servers Group. We are all united by this Purpose. Together we will succeed. 


Together we all -- groups and individuals -- are part of the unfolding Mandala of the new world. Each of us has a role to play expressing a segment of the Divine Plan for Humanity. We cherish Silence as our medium for knowing. We learn through experiment following the inner recognition of the music of the Coming Spring of Humanity. 

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