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Virgo 2013 Solar Festival
with Uffe Rudebeck (Denmark):
"Bioelectric Health -- how to manage your resources".

“Fortunately World Servers are not a rare species anymore – You are in every profession and in every country on all continents. Self-forgetfulness is one of the keys to service but self- negligence is not. Even the most dedicated server only has the energy and vitality she makes for herself. While we hold the focus of a server we need to also look into how we manage our own energy and thereby the possibility to do more. How is our balance between activity and rest for example? Do we feed ourselves vibrant, vital food or pseudo foods? Do We know how to beneft from the emotional power house? Are my habits creating energy or drawing energy? These and more questions we will consider during the webinar – it will be more of a self- check than a lengthy talk on the subject – bring your introspective glasses and a pen and paper.

"I was born in 1975 in Denmark. During my childhood and adolescence I was prone to bad health due to asthmatic bronchitis and a poor immune system that was cause of many illnesses and conditions. Though I lived a fairly active life with quite a lot of sports I was held back by lack of lung capacity and catching almost any bug that came near.Almost from the moment I began to read I was fascinated by magic and energy. The mastery of energy became of great interest to me and since I anyway spend a lot of time in bed – I read, sometimes a book a day. In my early twenties I went on a 90 day yoga retreat which cleared out a chronically blocked nose and got me of the asthma medication (except for very few emergencies). For the frst time ever I felt I had enough energy to do ANYTHING – it was a revelation to me that a change in environment, diet and activity could turn my life around and open it up for endless opportunities. My frst experience with meditation was also here and to that I owe a specifc thanks and gratitude- being able to “raise the frequency” on demand, so to speak, and to consciously create my life, mood and environment with my eyes closed is nothing short of a miracle. I made my necessary focus on my own energy (because of the innate weakness) to be my path, hobby and job so today I am a chef, yoga and meditation teacher, dietician, health consultant and personal energy management guide. I also took the 3 year education with the International Network of Esoteric Healers (INEH) twice. On this basis I will present the opportunity to give yourself a “check up” on your self care and personal energy management.” 

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