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Scorpio Solar Festival Gathering

Scorpio, the Spiritual Warrior, the Battle of the Dweller. Here we are. Libra set us up for this, drawing up the battle lines between Soul and Personality. Now, we seek to clear maya and see clearly and honestly what lurks beneath the surface that is calling for transformation.

The three-stemmed, nine-headed Hydra stands before us, individually, as a group and collectively, as humanity. Where are we on the path of re-orientation towards the goals and purposes of the Soul and the Group? Which head are we tackling in this Scorpio season?

The Angel and the Dweller face each other. Each time we emerge triumphant, we head into Sagittarius a little more One-Pointed Disciple and a little less fettered by the personality. 

The Coordination group has been considering the question, “What is the Quality of Consciousness of the group?” (and, it can be asked, of us as an individual.)


In the days leading to the Festival of Scorpio, please reflect on the most resonant qualities of Scorpio that show humanity the way to the Enlightenment in Taurus.

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