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Scorpio Solar Festival webinar

"Warrior I Am, and From the Battle I Emerge Triumphant:
The Transformative Nature of Beauty and Joy"

with Claire Beynon (New Zealand).

The Scorpio mantram ‘Warrior I am, and from the battle I emerge triumphant’ leads us into an exploration of shadow and light in their many expressions.

"By virtue of our designation as humans, we possess the potential of being sources of light, not by the same, scientific definition as burning suns, but also not that different. We are often estranged from our own miraculous properties - in the dark, so to speak, about who we are, what we bring, how we are catalysts for change … " (Marylinn Kelly).

Using poetry and art to explore the themes of Scorpio - its dark underbelly and its powerful transformative potential - we will consider the struggles and opportunities of these times and the ways in which regular engagements with beauty and joy enable us to bring forth our best in service to the greater good.

South African-born Claire Beynon is an artist, poet and interdisciplinary researcher currently living in Dunedin, New Zealand. She considers the arts as vital instruments of synthesis and transformation with the potential to build bridges across all areas of human frailty and endeavor. Claire is the co-curator of Tuesday Poem, an international poetry collective and founder-curator of MANY as ONE, an Arts and Peace initiative whose purpose is to facilitate on- and offline networks of creative exchange.

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