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Scorpio Solar Festival webinar with 

with Elena Dramchini (Slovakia):

"Tests and Training for Discipleship."

Group initiation is one of the goals of the training for the new discipleship in which a disciple's capacity to serve humanity through group work becomes more important than his or her own development upon the Spiritual Path. In this endeavor, a disciple no longer has to work blindly, but is taught how to work consciously within the Light. And through this process, he or she grows into a deeper understanding as expressed in the statement “In that light we shall see Light”.

Scorpio is the sign of humanity and of discipleship. It is the sign of the “Light of Day” where the following three lights meet – the Light of Form, the Light of the Soul, and the Light of Life. Certain tests in Scorpio help a disciple on the Probationary Path to become aware of the emerging Light of the Soul and to prepare for that very important step called the First Initiation.

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Elena Dramchini has been a student of the Ageless Wisdom for 35 plus years with a primary focus on Astrology in all its levels of expression. Expanding her in-depth knowledge of esoteric astrology (the astrology of the Soul), she turned to specializing in the determination of achieved levels of Consciousness of an individual, stage on the Path and where he/she stands in the Initiation process. The Tibetan Master DK’s instructions to His disciples in the two volume set, Discipleship in the New Age (DNA I-II), were her inspiration and provided a rich resource for her initial experimental work in these areas of study. Elena offers an ongoing webinar series on the Tibetan’s disciples through the lens of esoteric Astrology, the Rays, the etheric centres, meditation, group work, stages on the path, the Initiatiory process and the qualities to develop, and the obstacles and struggles to overcome that lead to true Soul victories and achievements when applying the wisdom teachings. The astro-rayological approach offers all modern students a comparative analysis for deepened study, scientific understanding and Soul unfoldment. Recordings of these webinars are available here.

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