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Scorpio Solar Festival Gathering

If we bring forth what is within us, what we bring forth will save us. 

If we do not bring forth what is within us, what we do not bring forth will destroy us.

Gospel of Thomas


Scorpio is often associated with the most intense energies in the zodiac. We come face to face with the hidden underbelly of our nature; distortions around our base nature; death, money, sex, fear. 

Carl Jung’s work on the Shadow opened doorways into the vital work that awaits us when we enter this ‘crucible of discomfort’ and dare to engage with the revelatory material we find there. Roberto Assagioli showed the path for integration of our not-consciouse realms within our personality and further alignment with our own soul. 


Integration is a Scorpio theme and invitation; integration as a motivating focus and desired outcome. 


Our global situation is showing us all in no uncertain terms just how painful, difficult and essential, this work is on all the levels – from individual to national and all-humanity.

We invite you to join us for our monthly Full Moon gathering in the Group Garden. Together we create and hold a safe space for the exploration of these themes.

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