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Pisces 2019 new moon

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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Closing the Cycle


With Martha Gallahue, Marco Toscano-Rivalta & Sydney Good Will Unit of Service

represented with Judy Norman and Wendy Thompson.

With the current New Moon, we work under energies of Pisces, the final sign of the zodiacal year, which rules endings and marks the gateway into the next new cycle. Having completed our second 17-month cycle of meditation on the Sustainable Development Goals last month, we take pause, to survey the past and to vision the future, as we prepare to step through the doorway to the inauguration of the third cycle of meditation on the goals at the next Aries New Moon.

In the cycle of Pisces we work with all 17 Goals and reflect on

The role of the SDGs in manifesting the Divine Plan.

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