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Pisces Solar Festival webinar

"State of the World Affaires""

with Malvin Artley (Italy/USA).

With the Pisces interval each year we wrap up the spiritual cycle for the year in preparation for a fresh impulse of spiritual force, to come through the three great festivals of Aries, Taurus and Gemini immediately ahead. As such, when the sun is in Pisces we are given pause to reflect on what has taken place worldwide in the past twelve months and as a result, what work must be done for humanity in the coming months. In esoteric astrology it is said of Pisces that it must be studied in relation to three keynotes:  Bondage or captivity, Renunciation or detachment, and Sacrifice and death. At this point in human history we find ourselves at a particularly and potentially very dangerous place in world affairs.
What we are seeing is the dying out of an Age and an old order, but that order will fight hard to retain its influence. As the Christ through Jesus said millennia ago at the start of the Piscean Age, “I come not to bring peace to the world, but a sword.” That sword is our own discrimination which cuts through our illusions, glamours and maya, but in so doing often puts us at odds with others who prefer to remain blind to both their own and others’ divine light. As this great Piscean Age passes out, we hear once again the rattling of swords as the new order that Aquarius will bring makes its presence felt. But peace will prevail on Earth, not an imposed peace, but one agreed upon by all nations. We are all called upon to act to ensure that such a peace is enabled and will eventually prevail.

Malvin Artley is an astrologer and author with a background in esoteric studies, physics, Chinese esotericism and industrial machinery. He has been a long-time student of the Ageless Wisdom as presented through the Western esoteric tradition, with an additional focus on Buddhist studies. His focus in recent years has been the relationships between the aforementioned fields, especially as they apply to astrology and modern scientific thought. He is the author ofBodies of Fire: A Thousand Points of Light, and The Full Moons: Topical Letters in Esoteric Astrology. Malvin currently lives in northern Italy and sends out a monthly newsletter for each full moon, especially as they apply to current world events.​

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