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December 31st, 10:00-23:00 GMT/UTC

New Year's Eve Vigil 

organized by the Morya Federation, 
University of the Seven Rays and Seven Ray Institute


In order to participate please register here.

The program features guests who will offer their insights and understanding regarding the nature and opportunities of the coming times -- the closing years of the Era of the Forerunner. We will discuss our experiences in service and contemplate and build strong and loving supportive relationships transcending customary borders. 

Please read the full program description here.


The 2025 Initiative co-hosts a segment of the Vigil inviting
the Hechal group from Jerusalem to sound the annual Capricorn Pulse:

Continuity and Cycles: From the Jewish People to the NGWS
18:00 GMT/UTC
(1pm in New York, 18:00 in London, 19:00 in Geneva)

From the beginning of the 2025 Initiative in 2012, the Hechal group from Jerusalem has offered a Capricorn webinar each year. This rhythmic work has anchored the energy of the World Servers Festival Week in the collective awareness of the esoteric community, and has connected it to the Jewish people, who have a Capricorn personality and who play, according to DK, a key role in human development. 

This year’s webinar will explore the Jewish stewardship role and the present step in human evolution of the young New Group of World Servers to ready itself to take on this role. The Hechal group will offer some seed ideas regarding this vast subject, followed by a meditation and a sharing and discussion. 

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