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Scorpio Solar Festival

with Jane Parish Johnson (US),
representing Wisdom Impressions Publishers


"Transmutation: Healing with the Soular Fire".


Dear friends, due to technical issues we could not recover the recording of

the Scorpio Solar festival webinar with Jane Parish Johnson.

We apologize for the inconvenience!


Please see the links to the materials mentioned during the webinar below.




In the Wisdom teachings there are many references to the psychospiritual process of transmutation. 

As the influence of the new era strengthens and grows, so does the need for the work of transmutation.  What is this process? How do we apply this work of transmutation both in our daily lives and in service to humanity?

Jane Parish Johnson has been a meditator and student of The Wisdom for over thirty years, beginning with a study of psychosynthesis and of the Alice A Bailey work. She has been using and teaching the methods taught by Lucille Cedercrans in The Nature of the Soul since 1998.  Jane is a part of Wisdom Link Meditation, a group that has been offering public Full Moon meditations in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area for many years.  Jane is also a member of Wisdom Impressions Publishers, a group whose purpose is to create the appearance, support the teaching and facilitate the distribution of The Wisdom. 
Jane is a registered nurse who has provided direct care in hospitals, clinics and schools.   She’s had a varied work life which has also included substitute teaching in elementary and middle school.

Please download materials mentioned at the webinar here:

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