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May Gemini Solar Festival/

Festival of Good Will
The Hum of the Parts

Bringing to light the love
that underlies the happenings of the time

with Claire Beynon (New Zealand).

The Hum of the Parts is a series of solo and collaborative art projects that explore the resonances between personal journey and collective story. In this presentation, Claire Beynon will share her studio explorations, focusing specifically on two works-in-progress. The first - A Honeycomb Journal (canvas, embroidery thread and beeswax) - uses the template of the multi-chambered honeycomb as a way to document and bring to light the happenings of our times. The second – a large-scale painting titled Song for a Unified World - draws on the map-making research of cartographer Gene Keyes and the late architect Bernard Cahill (1866 – 1944). Both projects key in with our Global Triangles work (Lucis Trust) and the Morya Federation’s ASK world meditation initiative.

South African-born Claire Beynon is an artist, poet and interdisciplinary researcher currently living in Dunedin, New Zealand. She considers the arts as vital instruments of synthesis and transformation with the potential to build bridges across all areas of human frailty and endeavor. Claire is the co-curator of Tuesday Poem, an international poetry collective and founder-curator of MANY as ONE, an Arts and Peace initiative whose purpose is to facilitate on- and offline networks of creative exchange.

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