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Pisces Solar Festival webinar

with Phillip Lindsay

to reflect and meditate together on the topic:

"Global Vision 2015-2025:

An Astro-Rayological Perspective".

Phillip Lindsay presents some perspectives on the esoteric astrology of Pisces and where the world is headed in 2015. Other themes covered include the evolution of the Fifth Rootrace, the Uranus-Pluto squares, the planetary Dweller on the Threshold and the unfolding cycle of Shamballa leading up to the 2025 Externalization of the Hierarchy.

About the presenter:


Phillip Lindsay has been a student and teacher of Esoteric Astrology and the Ageless wisdom internationally for thirty years. He has travelled extensively and has published ten books on occultism.
Originally hailing from Australia, he is now based in Italy. One of his main projects is The Hidden History of Humanity, for which he has many planned volumes and videos.


To contact Phillip Lindsay visit:

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