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New Moon Meditation for the Common Good

An experiment in self-organising group work


Libra New Moon Meditation:

"From Pisces to Aquarius: new leadership for Freedom, Brotherhood/Sisterhood and the Common Good"

The Meditation for the Common Good project continues the rhythm and expands the focus of the previous UN SDG Meditation Project carried through the monthly webinar meditations during the 2016-2020 period. 

This new phase of the project is a practical experiment in self-organising group work, with a focus on meditative alignment of humanity’s needs with archetypical Spiritual Laws and Principles that underlie evolutionary unfoldment of the human race. It is an opportunity for all of us to work together more deeply as we seek to support the manifestation of the Spiritual Plan.

In the Libra cycle we are reflecting on a vision of the Divine Plan for manifestation of the core principles of the Aquarian Age and eventually "cleaning the house of religion and politics" thus preparing the way for the coming of the Lord Maitreya. 

As we prepare for our meeting in the Circle, consider the following questions for your reflection. When we meet in the Circle, we will be invited to reflect and exchange our impressions on these questions: 

  • How do we recognize the Purpose of our work and this time of great changes?

  • How do we ensure our space allows safety of sharing diverse views with accepting love and deep listening?

  • How can the group move from diversity of views into synthetic meditation that invites inclusive ashramic vision? 


Afterwards we will meditate on seed thoughts synthesized from the group sharing. Through the focused group intention we will radiate the created thought forms to support humanity in its transition to the new civilization.  

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