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New Moon Meditation

An experiment in self-organising group work


Libra New Moon Meditation 2020:

"Participatory Governance: Responsibility and Leadership"

The Meditation for the Common Good project continues the rhythm and expands the focus of the previous UN SDG Meditation Project carried through the monthly webinar meditations during the 2016-2020 period. 

This new phase of the project is a practical experiment in self-organising group work, with a focus on meditative alignment of humanity’s needs with archetypical Spiritual Laws and Principles that underlie evolutionary unfoldment of the human race. It is an opportunity for all of us to work together more deeply as we seek to support the manifestation of the Spiritual Plan.

During this month of Libra we call you to join a group meditation for the Common Good emphasizing the right balance between the inner and outer worlds, seeking to manifest the higher principles of governance and leadership. In preparation for this webinar, an Action Area Group (gathered through inner resonance) is seeding the group's meditative field to magnetize higher energies towards manifestation of more adequate forms of governance and leadership as we enter into this new time.

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