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Libra Solar Festival webinar with 

with Malvin Artley (Italy):

"Libra and the Present World Situation:
The Power of Choice to Bring Real Change."

We find ourselves collectively at a crossroads, given the US elections next month, the gravity of the conflict in the Middle East and its implications, the growing instability that the Brexit vote has cast upon Europe and the growing opposition by other world powers to the hegemony of the corporate interests who have gradually taken control the democratically elected governments of the world. At this juncture we face very potent choices and potentially long-term effects flowing on from them, and these must start from the grass roots and work their way upward through the world governments. ‘People power’ is on the rise and eventually must dominate the dialog between nations if we are to find real peace in the world and draw out the souls of the nations in the process. We begin with a discussion of the meanings of Libra, the true nature of choice, the power of conscious choice and how contemplation, which Libra represents, has the power to change lives. We are moving from an era dominated by authoritarian structures and materialism into an era that will bring sweeping changes to the way we live, with the focus of life moving toward one of beauty and spiritual pursuits rather than what we see now. Libra holds a great key to this as we move into the Aquarian age and as we reverse the trend of material focus that has gripped the world in the last few centuries into one that is much more humanitarian and soul-focused.

Malvin Artley is an astrologer and author with a background in esoteric studies, physics, Chinese esotericism and industrial machinery. He has been a long-time student of the Ageless Wisdom as presented through the Western esoteric tradition, with an additional focus on Buddhist studies. His focus in recent years has been the relationships between the aforementioned fields, especially as they apply to astrology and modern scientific thought. He is the author ofBodies of Fire: A Thousand Points of Light, and The Full Moons: Topical Letters in Esoteric Astrology. Malvin currently lives in northern Italy and sends out a monthly newsletter for each full moon, especially as they apply to current world events.

Malvin can be reached at

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