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Leo Solar Festival Gathering

“The times are urgent. Let us slow down“ | Bayo Akomolafe 

Under the energy of Leo and Sirius we recognize the need for us to slow down and  listen to our heartbeat. This is an invitation to gather around the Hearth in our Group Garden to synchronize our individual hearts with the Group Heart, and with the Heart rhythms of the Planet. 

This is our opportunity to anchor and realign with our core/coeur* for the purpose of our Group’s self-identification:

  • What is our personal experience of the Group Heart?

  • Is there anything we find difficult? Missing? 

  • What in our gatherings brings comfort, joy, encouragement into the fabric of your life?

*Courage and encouragement are strong Leo qualities: from French ‘coeur’ (meaning both ‘courage’ and ‘heart’.) 

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