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Leo Solar Festival webinar

with Gloria Crook

The Fires of Group Work

“The Fires of Group Work” have been included in the experience of all of us. The subject of the coming Webinar is how to get through those “Fires” successfully. A group “project" can be as simple as planning a baseball game; as complicated as organizing a business; or implementing a Curriculum for a private School—and beyond. "The Fires of Group Work” are part of ALL endeavors where a group of persons must be involved. The group is usually caught unaware. Varied types of struggle will occur if the “Fires" are not recognized and rendered futile."

Gloria Crook.jpg

Gloria Crook started studying the Wisdom Teachings at age 14. She is 93 now. In 1977 Gloria founded the School of Ageless Wisdom, which offers classes on the Teachings of Masters D.K., M. and R. and holds Public Full Moon Meetings. All classes are held at the School's property on Lake Arlington, in Texas.
The Exoteric Service of the School is the "Model United Nations for Elementary and Middle-School children, with High-School children as Secretariat. All three Masters recommend support for the United Nations as the One Entity where all Nations meet to solve world problems.

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