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Leo 2015 Solar festival webinar

with Joleen DuBois (USA)

"Spiritual Will -- the Lion's Roar."


When a person becomes the pure expression of Leo, he or she begins to express pure will. Pure or Spiritual Will is an intuitive, divine understanding that you live, move, and have your being in God. You are moving from the stage of aspiration to becoming a Lion. When you become a lion you start having pure will. At this point in your evolution, you will not do anything that you feel is against the Will of God. There is no doctrine, no dogma, it is pure intuition.

Leo is the only sign that has one ruler as its exoteric, esoteric, and hierarchical rulers which is the Sun. It is a very powerful time. The sun as the first ruler transmits the physical energy of the sun, or prana. The sun as the second ruler transmits the spiritual energy of the sun, or love. The sun as the third ruler transmits the Core of the sun…or Spiritual Will.

Rev. Joleen Dianne DuBois is the founder and president of the White Mountain Education Association and the WMEA St. Sergius University & Seminary. She is a Teacher of the Ageless Wisdom and the spiritual sciences. Joleen is an accomplished writer, published author, lecturer, esoteric astrologer, and composer. In 1981 she was ordained into the ministry, and in 1982, she established the White Mountain Education Association, a Source for the Ageless Wisdom Teaching. In 2000, Joleen DuBois founded the St. Sergius University & Seminary for transformational studies.

Joleen presently serves on the Steering Group of the World Service Intergroup and recently became a member of the board of directors of the Agni Yoga Society and Roerich Museum in New York City, New York, USA. Rev. Joleen D. DuBois is listed in the Who’s Who of Women and Notable American Women. 

She has said of her work: “I want to teach others how to focus not on the building of their ego but the cultivation of their heart, to learn how to balance the mind with the heart, and to live in a garden of vast opportunity where true love, joy, freedom, beauty, sacrificial service, and creativity is the norm and not the exception.” For more information, you can visit the WMEA website.

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