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June 2017 Solstice Festival webinar

with Antonella Nobilio (Italy)

on behalf of The Planetary System Project 

The Seven Goals of the Planetary Plan.

As in the previous 2 solstices, at the June 2017 Solstice overview the current cosmic, solar and planetary directions and cycles that prepare the way toward 2025. Then we will focus on the possible “Seven Centers” of the evolutionary “Plan of Love and Light” as envisaged by the Hierarchy for Humanity.

This ‘spine’ of the 7 Ray goals as inferred from the Teachings’ indications for the future of humanity is integrated by the other 42 secondary goals/vortices. The resulting Plan of 49 goals reflects the Hierarchical Principle and Ashramic Order, thus expressing a living matrix of mental/causal Potencies or Ideas to be precipitated into Forms by the group consciousness of World Servers.

The Hierarchical Plan is the “substantial energy” or “energetic substance” of the planetary Purpose/Will, and these 49 Fires as the archetype and prototype could represent an Egoic way to enliven It (the Plan). Humanity has to work out the Plan of Love and Light first from the Egoic higher mental plane, the plane of unity with Hierarchy.

The Fourth Hierarchy (Humanity) is a coordinated co-operation toward a common Goal and is increasingly externalizing in order to assert and restore the Divine Plan on Earth.

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