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June Gemini Solar Festival

with Jane Parish Johnson (USA), 
representing Wisdom Impressions Publishers 

To everything there is a Purpose:
using meditation to find and unlock that Purpose.

A characteristic of the era of Ray 7 is the application of our spiritual understanding, and we are called upon to serve through an active use of the meditation alignment. In this webinar we'll address a specific technique – the Adjustment for Negativity – which uses the alignment to call forth the inherent Divine Purpose within any manifesting condition or circumstance. Time will be allowed for participants to do a guided practice of this particular meditation, and as always there will be an opportunity for comments and questions.

Jane Parish Johnson has been a meditator and student of The Wisdom for over thirty years, beginning with a study of psychosynthesis and of the Alice A Bailey work. She has been using and teaching the methods taught by Lucille Cedercrans in The Nature of the Soul since 1998.  Jane is a part of Wisdom Link Meditation, a group that has been offering public Full Moon meditations in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area for many years.  Jane is also a member of Wisdom Impressions Publishers, a group whose purpose is to create the appearance, support the teaching and facilitate the distribution of The Wisdom. 
Jane is a registered nurse who has provided direct care in hospitals, clinics and schools.   She’s had a varied work life which has also included substitute teaching in elementary and middle school.

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