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June 2015 Solstice festival

with Niklas Nihlén (Sweden)

"The Birth of Humanity."


21,688,345 years ago, individualisation occurred and the fourth or human kingdom came into being upon our planet. We will investigate the meaning of this formula and decode it using astrology and numerology to reveal its esoteric significance. From the encoded pattern, we will then erect the Horoscope of Humanity, determine its objectives and understand its relevance today as we approach the second birth of Humanity.

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Niklas Nihlén email:

Niklas Nihlén is a PhDE candidate in Esoteric Philosophy, MSE in Esoteric Psychology, Esoteric Astrologer, teacher, author and researcher, Niklas serves as faculty member with the University of the Seven Rays.
Author of The Unseen Planets, Islands of Celestial Waters, and the forthcoming Cosmic Mystery, Niklas strives to reveal a more completed point of view within the vast field of astro-rayological cosmology by identifying the greater Lives and the underlying archetypal patterns of the Cosmos that are foundational to the Science of Astrology. The restoration of the Science of the Heavens to its original beauty involves an understanding of extra-zodiacal constellations, stars, rays and planets with their relation to man, making possible the establishing of man’s place on the Great wheel of Life in a more living and conscious way. Niklas offers astrology readings and consults utilizing the ancient wisdom and the new esoteric techniques that identify true soul intentions and the way to manifest them in life. Niklas is also a highly regarded and experienced teacher of Esoteric Astrology and Esoteric Psychology and offers courses, presentations and webinars on these subjects. Niklas is a former Soccer player and IT-consultant, has two children and lives in Helsingborg, Sweden.

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