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Jerusalem Meditations

Each place, each community has a specific role to play within the human family, and a specific note to sound within the syntony of Earth. 

A group of soul-aware servers can become a conscious seeding presence for the higher potential which lies hidden and unexpressed in the places they find themselves in. 


The Jerusalem Meditation project is a laboratory for this work, with Jerusalem as a focal point. Through meditation and subjective inquiry we seek to attune to its higher note or soul potential, and to become instrumental in sounding it forth, for local and planetary usefulness.  

In our perception Jerusalem is a symbol for the human heart,

holding the hope for true Unity.

A unity which is so much needed now in our world everywhere.

The golden City of Peace

symbolises a gateway between Earth and the Divine.

The Will to Peace, the Will to Love,

seeks expression through this focal point.


We are a core group of local and international servers who meet weekly for many years. We invite our coworkers in the wider community to join us once a month, around the time of the New Moon.

2022 January 3

2022 January 31

2022 February 28

2022 April 4

2022 May 2

2022 May 30

2022 June 27

2022 July 25

2022 August 29

2022 October 24

2022 December 31

2022 September 26

2022 November 21

2023 January 23

2023 February 20

2023 March 20

2023 April 17

2023 June 19

2023 May 22

2023 July 17

2023 September 18

2023 October 16

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