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Capricorn Solar Festival

with Stefano Bonadiman (Italy) & Uta Gabbay (Israel)

"Lifting the Veil of Separation:

Towards the Right Relations in Jerusalem".




When Stefano Bonadiman from the Community of Living Ethics, Italy, and Uta Gabbay from the Hechal Centre for Universal Spirituality in Jerusalem, Israel, met five years ago, a special friendship and cooperation began, a new magnetic point in the etheric body of the planet. 


Stefano and Uta's work has been focused on co-leading workshops on body expression and meditation between Jews and Palestinians. In essence their work involves a process of weaving threads of cooperation between their two groups and other groups. In the last two years the main focus of their work together has been an experimental online meditation group which could be described as redemptive white magic. The aim of this meditative effort is the fostering of right human relations within humanity as a whole and particularly within the area of Jerusalem and the Middle East--dissipating the veils of separation.


In this webinar Uta and Stefano will share some of the experience gained in their work and lead a meditation aimed at fostering right relations in Jerusalem.


Stefano Bonadiman is a member of the Community of Living Ethics in Italy and is a counselor of Biopsycosinthesis and Body Expression. 

Uta Gabbay has been a student of universal wisdom for over thirty years, as well as a spiritual psychotherapist, teacher and writer. She is the founder of the Hechal Centre for Universal Spirituality in Jerusalem. Hechal’s special emphasis is on contributing to right relations between the Jewish people and the rest of humanity. 

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