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Exact time Gemini Alignment Action

Dear Friends and Co-workers,


Many times at various gatherings groups and individuals working in the Ageless Wisdom traditions have been discussing the need for strengthening the Alignment between the esoteric workers within the New Group of World Servers. We believe that a joint group meditation at the Exact Time of the Full Moon is a powerful tool for such an alignment.

We all practice in various physical localities, different cultural and ethnic environments, and have our own tasks and formats of dedicated work -- diversity is our advantage, Unity is our goal. With deep respect, we recognize the effort of the multiple groups that are meditating at the exact time of each Solar Festival (full moon).

The 2025 Initiative Coordination group would like to suggest that as many groups as possible use this this technique during the upcoming World Good Will Festival (Gemini Full Moon) to deepen the awareness of the global alignment of all groups everywhere whose purpose is to serve Humanity. We invite all at the exact time to consciously align with groups and networks of groups with whom we are connected or know about, extending the alignment to the entire World Servers Group (NGWS).

The 2025 Initiative will contribute by having an exact time Alignment webinar at 3:45 GMT/UTC on Jun 13th (you can calculate time in your time zone following this link).

In order to participate in the webinar please register here.

Please share this call for the exact time Alignment Action with your networks!

We would be interested to hear your ideas in relation to this Alignment action. Please feel free to share your ideas on the 2025 Initiative Facebook page or website.


In the Light of the One Work,

The 2025 Initiative’s Coordination group.



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