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Aquarius Solar Festival

with Comunità di Etica Vivente (Community of Living Ethics)

Città della Pieve, Italy
represented by

Elisabetta Raspini:

"Group work, group service for

a new Culture and a new Civilization”.




"The Community is neither a place nor a group of people.
It is a state of consciousness leading us into the New Era”.


Programs in psycho-spiritual education have fostered the emergence of an integrated and harmonious group willing to experiment in daily life with the new models that are a product of meditation and inspiration; to embody knowledge into the world of forms. The Community operates as a living organism, working through several Centers. Study, Meditation, and Service are the three pillars on which all Community work is based.

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The Aquarius Solar festival webinar featured Comunità di Etica Vivente (Community of Living Ethics) from Città della Pieve, Italy presented by Elisabetta Raspini. The webinar presents life and experience of the Community of Living Ethics, a non-religious cultural association founded in 1981 by Sergio Bartoli and a group of co-workers in Città della Pieve, a small medieval hill town in the center of Italy.

All activities of the Community are inspired by the study and application of the principles of Living Ethics. Over the years it has developed and grown through the creative and practical skills contributed by an ever increasing number of members and friends. Thanks to this intense and rich group experience, the Community is now fulfilling its task of becoming a cell for new life. Its vitality is expressed in various fields, each one representing one aspect of human life: such as education, economics, culture and art, healing, relations with the kingdoms of nature, etc.

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Since her early years, Elisabetta Raspini, has been interested in the study of her fellow human beings and their consciousness and relationships. She has been actively engaged in Psichosynthesis, Creative Meditation, the Ageless Wisdom Teachings and service oriented work since 1980. Meditation, study and service have been the key activities of her work, with a particular focus in helping create a worldwide network of like minded spiritual groups and individuals around the themes of Creative Meditation and Living Ethics.

She is a long time member of the “Comunità di Etica Vivente” and of the “Himalayan Institute of Good Will and Living Ethics” (Kalimpong and Darjeeling, India). She is also fully engaged in service group activities within several international Associations. These are: The International Association for Creative Meditation; Meditation Mount California; Sundial House in the UK; the Banner of Peace Association; the World Service Intergroup.

The aim of her work: to favor the birth of a new Culture and a new Civilization, by helping individuals and groups toward the development of consciousness, in order to express their highest spiritual potentialities in service to humanity.

Elisabetta has been manager of Inflight Services for an international airline for many years. She is interested in traveling, contact with Nature and Beauty.

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