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Solstice Silent Gathering

21 December [exact time 10:02 GMT*]


“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. Attention, taken to its highest degree, is the same thing as prayer. It presupposes faith and love.”

—Simone Weil


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The 2025 Initiative invites our community to consider the upcoming Solstice period as an opportunity for subjective, silent meditation. We understand silence to be a participatory act, an act of listening and therefore of Love. Silence is also a vital instrument of receptivity and attentiveness.

Let us visualize coming together in our Global Garden, joining with each other in the love of the Group Soul and, too, in the company of the devic beings, animals, birds, minerals and plants we have been nurturing throughout this year. During this hour we will tune in to the sounds of silence, recognizing our togetherness in Unity and, too, with the Angel of the Presence who is ever near. 


*We suggest finding an hour that best works for you during the 24 hours preceding the exact time of the Solstice. 


We offer two poems by Mary Oliver (attached below) as inspiration and support for our meditation together: Such Silence and Mysteries, yes

We welcome you sharing your individual experiences of this silent Group meditation. Please consider posting recent photographs of your plants as well as impressions on our Facebook page. If you use Instagram, please follow and use #ourglobalgarden to share. It will be a joy to link with you in this way and with the space you create in Love and Light. 

This is traditionally a time of busyness, restlessness and increased activity. There will be family commitments and many events happening among our various esoteric groups. No matter where we are and regardless of our circumstances, we know we will be coming together in alignment as One World Group.


Wishing everyone a blessed, joyful and safe Season of Light!


2025 Initiative Coordination group.

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