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December 2017 Solstice Festival

with Antonella Nobilio (Italy)

on behalf of The Planetary System Project 

The Forty-Nine Goals of the Planetary Plan

Continuing our exploration of the topic presented during the previous solstice webinars, we overview the current cosmic, solar and planetary directions and cycles that prepare the way toward 2025. This time we focus on the possible “Forty-nine centers” of the evolutionary “Plan of Love and Light” as envisaged by Hierarchy for Humanity.

The Plan’s ‘backbone’ of the “Goals of the Seven Rays”, as inferred from the teaching’s indications for the future of Humanity, is integrated with the Forty-two secondary Goals/Vortexes. The resulting plan of Forty-nine goals reflects the Hierarchical principles and cosmic order and expresses a living matrix of mental/causal potencies or ideas to be precipitated into forms by the group consciousness of World Servers.

The Hierarchical Plan is the “substantial energy” or “energetic substance” of the Planetary Purpose/Will. And the “49 Fires” archetype/“causal prototype” represents an Egoic way to enliven It. Humanity has to work out the Plan of Love and Light first from the Egoic higher mental plane, the plane of unity with Hierarchy.

The Fourth Human Hierarchy is a "coordinated cooperation toward a common goal" and is increasingly externalizing in order to assert and restore the Divine Plan on Earth.

Antonella Nobilio has been a researcher of the ageless wisdom teachings for the last three decades, primarily focusing on the writings of Alice Bailey, Helena Blavatsky and Helena Roerich.

Since 1991, Antonella has been part of an esoteric group organized as an international ‘system of systems’. This group works as a free “Order” that includes 49 functions and functionaries and is based on a hierarchical and harmonic model of nature. The research of this system focuses primarily on the formulation of methods to support the embodiment of the Divine Plan on our planet through study and application mainly within the following disciplines: the science of harmonics applied to the Seven Rays, the science of cycles and astrology, and the science of thought or abstract idealism.

Since 2012, Antonella has also collaborated with an online group project calledThe Planetary System (TPS: which aims to invoke and evoke the idea of a “Planetary Order” ( This project promotes and supports the "coordinated cooperation between all who care about planetary development", and plants (according to the rhythms of the Solar System) the "ideas, formulas and forms for a new Culture and Civilization." Description is available in three languages. For English:

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