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Sagittarius 2013 Solar Festival
with Laurence Newey (UK) and Mintze Van der Velde (Switzerland):
"The Electrical Age of Aquarius. Emerging Science of Interconnectedness".

The electrical nature of universal processes runs as a theme throughout the The Tibetan Master’s work via the writings of HP Blavatsky and Alice A. Bailey which are intended to be bridging treatises between the material knowledge of man and the science of the initiates. As we move into the Aquarian age the "gravity only" model of the universe should therefore change towards the esotericist's view of the universe as a living, stable organism, electrical in nature and function. This is already to be seen occurring in the emerging science of plasma cosmology.


Laurence Newey is a Director of the Lucis Trust where he has been working for nearly thirty years. He is interested in furthering an understanding of the science of brotherhood and the relationship between consciousness and electric phenomena as promoted on the The Electric Bridge section of the Lucis Trust site  He is dedicated to linking esoteric and exoteric science and to highlighting scientific discoveries that further reveal the electrical nature of reality and their relation to the Ageless Wisdom perspective. Understanding electricity is the key to integrating science into a unified whole and providing a magnetic foundation in which the Divine Plan can deepen its roots and future esoteric teaching can safely flourish.

Mintze van der Velde holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the Free University of Amsterdam. He has always been fascinated by the synthesis of science, art and religion. He spent thirty years as a member of a meditative art centre in France. Since 2012, he works at the Lucis Trust in Geneva. His current scientific focus is on an electric universe, i.e. a cosmology based on electricity and magnetism and the bridge thereof with the Ageless Wisdom (read more). He is constantly searching for practical implementations of the above-mentioned synthesis in daily life and in society.  

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