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Word Pottery Creative Lab


with the 2025 Initiative 

The 2025 Initiative invites you to join in a new series of exchanges in which story-telling is the current— and currency— of hope, discovery and connection. What is our ‘best hope’ when it comes to speaking clearly and truthfully about the things we are moved or unsettled by? What new songs might come into being through a shared process of dialogue and listening?

Word Pottery is an Ageless Wisdom Translation Workshop, with the purpose of making ancient wisdom accessible in modern language. It is a place where we invoke our group inspiration and creativity to play with the clay of words in order to sculpt new vessels for carrying timeless wisdom to thirsty souls.

For 55 minutes we play and have fun. Each of us has a chance to 'form-ulate' our own vessel of words so it may be a dispenser of life-giving essence and meaning. It is our time to share, listen, learn from each other, inspire and get inspired.

Word Pottery Lab 1 - August 2020

Word Pottery Lab 2 - September 2020

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